If you are looking for hardcore cutting edge takes on current events and controversial topics, well my friend, this is not the blog for you.

The topics I am going to hit on this blog are going to be bland, vanilla, and absolutely lame. I’m not all about publishing all kinds of private information or viewpoints all over the internet so this isn’t what I am going to post here.

What will you actually see here? Here are some posts you will see:

  • How I reconditioned a Nintendo Entertainment System
  • How to maintenance a putter
  • Neat golf equipment hacks
  • How to hit certain golf shots
  • Great beers I have tried around the country
  • Great golf courses I have played around the world
  • Things I sell on eBay

I am telling you it’s going to be boring but some of the stuff I might post could actually help someone or give someone a laugh or just might be interesting.

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